What Sporting Events Are Happening Today?

What sporting events are happening today?

Athletes and spectators from around the globe flock to sports events for their unrivalled excitement, drama, and spectacle. Major sporting events don’t simply push human achievement boundaries further but unite communities under an umbrella of healthy competition and mutual respect. Here is our selection of the top 10 largest global sporting events that offer unrivalled sporting excellence with unforgettable moments in history and special atmospheres.

New York City is home to numerous professional sports teams, such as the New York Giants and Jets from the National Football League; New York Yankees and Mets of Major League Baseball; Brooklyn Nets/Knicks from NBA/NBA Association/NBAA Association as well as New York City FC of Major League Soccer; there are also numerous amateur teams and clubs as well as world-class venues like Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium or Barclays Center where you can watch games!

No matter your TV viewing preferences or goals, our daily updated guide can be the solution to finding what’s on TV today. With Sling ($40 or $55 per month), DIRECTV STREAM ($80/mo) or Fubo (also $80 per month), live games can be streamed live; for on-demand access, enjoy access to ESPN, FS1, TNT and TBS channels as well as league and conference networks via Bally Sports as well as regional sports networks via YouTube TV – or stream live matches via Sling or DIRECTV STREAM ($80/mo).

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