How to Play Monopoly Lottery Game

At MONOPOLY Millionaires’ Club (MMC) drawings, players could manually choose five numbers between 1-52 or mark the Easy Pick box to receive one additional number randomly selected from another field of 28 – each number represented one property on the Monopoly game board and its MMC jackpot started at $15 Million and continued rolling until it was won; players also had the chance to collect specific sets of properties to secure one of five $1 Million prizes from their ticket.

MONOPOLY Doubler provides three additional strategies for winning: property set rewards, raffle ticket rewards and betting doubler.

Players who reveal Clusters of three or more identical symbols in any row, column, or diagonal in the center of their playing area will win prizes as noted in the Prize Legend. A Cluster must include either Mr. Monopoly symbols or House symbols for them to qualify; uncover 10X or 20X symbols and you will receive twice that prize amount; reveal a GO symbol and it will pay out twice its stated prize; reveal Community Chest symbols and spin the Bonus Wheel wherein an instant winner could potentially emerge either with Virginia Avenue Jackpot Wheel Game or Boardwalk Jackpot Wheel Game or instant winners with Free Plays or instant winners with Community Chest Bonus!

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