Dark Souls III – How to Get to Four Kings

how to get to four kings

The Four Kings present one of the toughest challenges in Dark Souls III and Remastered. Once leaders of New Londo Ruins, these wraith-like remnants fell prey to lifedrain’s allure and fell to darkness; defeating them is essential in moving through the story arc; their battle takes place within Abyss – a blackness between worlds – making this one of the hardest boss battles in both games.

To defeat the Four Kings, players should equip Havel’s Set and Havel’s Ring along with Grass Crest Shield and their highest damage two-handed weapon. Additionally, Great Magic Barrier should also be included to increase damage output while staying alive against them. Taking these steps will greatly enhance players’ damage output while staying alive against them.

The Kings are towering humans several meters tall with drastically altered bodies and bark-like membranes covering their heads and spindly legs. Armed with enormous wooden swords shaped like roots with root-like hilts that can inflict devastating damage when used close up, these giant creatures appear vulnerable to fire-based weapons as seen with undead – however a fire weapon may prove useful against them; additionally they possess tentacle-based grab attacks which cannot be blocked or dodged, making the Kings an unpredictable opponent when faced against.

Approach the battle with an aggressive strategy. Kings can often gang up on players, so targeting individual kings at a time may help limit their numbers and lower overall boss health bar. Furthermore, keep attacking until one dies animation occurs to lower overall boss health bar further.

There are a few tips available to you in order to use this strategy effectively:

Utilizing the Grass Crest Shield can significantly decrease damage caused by King sword attacks and even help stun them to limit their damage output.

An effective tactic for taking down kings is using their arms as much as possible; sword attacks from them do less damage compared to arm swings; even at close range it is recommended that attacks be made with all available strength.

Note that kings can cast powerful magical spells that are far more deadly than their blades, making it best to stay away from them when casting these spells unless your HP drops below a threshold where an effective combo attack might help break through them.

An integral element of joining the Darkwraith covenant, defeating the Four Kings is necessary. They can be found in the Abyss, an immense black space accessible via an elevator from Firelink Shrine to New Londo Ruins or by traveling down through Hollows at the base of Tower.

Prior to entering a battle, it is imperative that both player and summons wear the Covenant of Artorias ring, as taking off this item can result in instant death. You can obtain it from Sif, the Great Grey Wolf before entering the Abyss.

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